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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date30th December 2019
Released forIntro Creation Competition 2019
DownloadYoctotro 2
External linksGitHub

Yoctotro 2
Yoctotro 2
Commodore 64

When Yoctotro was released, TheRyk was wondering in the CSDb comments "who does the first 256b intro in this compo". T.M.R had already considered reducing the code down further but didn't want to sacrifice the sound or colour present in order to make that possible... but a challenge is a challenge, so here's a remixed version of Yoctotro's code which, whilst it wasn't actually entered, manages to squeeze an Intro Creation Competition valid intro into just 194 bytes, or $C2 for those who prefer to think in hexadecimal.

Things could have been reduced even further by disabling the logo's colour effect, taking out the intro "hum" sound or perhaps being brave and removing some of the belt and braces code which initialises the scroller's colour or the counter for its movement, but getting everything under 200 bytes with those in place seemed like as good a place to stop as any.

Trivia: apart from some juggling of code and trying to find optimal ways to handle things, the most time consuming part was drawing a one character high logo!

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