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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
GraphicsNigel Taylor (ripped)
MusicNantco Bakker (ripped)
Release date1999
Released forCommodore Zone issue 13
DownloadWar Of The Worlds
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War Of The Worlds
War Of The Worlds
Commodore 64

Developed during Kenz's huge War of the Worlds phase, this demo uses three pictures and a character set that were all ported to the C64 from the Spectrum game which was based on the Jeff Wayne soundtrack of the same name. The third picture in the collection (the one shown in the screenshot) is taken from the completion sequence of the game and is actually two screens wide on the Spectrum original; the two images were combined and cropped down to take advantage of the wider C64 screen.

Trivia: This is probably the only Commodore Zone cover disk demo (or at least it was certainly the only Cosine-produced one) that was developed without Kenz obsessing over a woman involved with the subject matter!

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