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FormatCommodore 64 Graphics
Release date15th October 2006
Released forX'2006 (2nd - graphics)
DownloadWool On Her Mind
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Wool On Her Mind
Wool On Her Mind
Commodore 64

And again, here's another multicolour bitmap from the one and only Bizzmo (although we have considered trying to clone him, it'd be something to do on a quiet afternoon perhaps) and once more it's a picture of a woman. But she's got clothes on! Tell you what, here's the man himself to be far less frivolous and give you all lots more detail about the picture:

"This picture, like all others started with a struggle. That struggle was over whether there were enough breasts, or dragons - but then I remembered that this wasn't the 90's and things had moved on. So, no breasts, no dragons. The second problem was that this was going to be my entry in the graphics competition at X. My first ever compo entry, so despite the ever present desire to do something with livestock, I chose this and embarked on a complicated journey of lighting and wrinkles."

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