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FormatCommodore 64 Game
ProgrammingMatt (4-Mat)
GraphicsMatt (4-Mat)
MusicMatt (4-Mat)
Release date7th May 2003
DownloadWarpzone Remix
External linksCSDb

Warpzone Remix
Warpzone Remix
Commodore 64

Warpzone is a small Robotron-inspired shoot'em-up that was written for Commodore Zone issue 16's coverdisk in 2001. The original version was finished something like two hours before the disk was due to be mastered so the levels in that game were quite unfair and hadn't been playtested properly.

After the original game was mentioned on the message board at Lemon 64 during a conversation about Robotron variants on the C64, 4-Mat dug out his source and put an improved set of levels together as well as making a few other tweaks to the source including a new two joystick support feature. The game still suffers a little from slow-down, but when the screen gets that busy it's a blessing in disguise!

Review: "Judging from the screenshot i didn't think i would have like it, but the game-highscore screen kinda got some oldskool feelinx up in me :) (which doesn't happen often) Much like old scenish games or something. And... the music is f**king cool!"
Cyberbrain/Noname, from the C64 Scene Database

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