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Alternative TitleWarflame Remix
FormatCommodore 64 Game
ProgrammingJason (T.M.R)
GraphicsJason (T.M.R)
MusicMarc (Skywave)
Release dateMarch 2006
DownloadWarflame RX
External linksCSDb

Warflame RX
Warflame RX
Commodore 64

This is the 2006 remix of our shoot 'em up Warflame, which was converted to cross assembly and revised for release through Cronosoft. There have been cosmetic changes such as the altered colours for the backgrounds and an update of the loading picture to add more detail, but the most important change is a recoding of the collision detection which makes the game more generous and therefore easier to play overall.

Trivia: As with the original release there are two built in cheats; type "the magic roundabout" on the titles page for invincibility or, if you're quick enough, enter "time for bed" (a quote from the series named in the first cheat) when you're told to get ready to skip straight to the completion screen.

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