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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date9th July 2019
DownloadUnused Shmup Tunes
External linksCSDb

Unused Shmup Tunes
Unused Shmup Tunes
Commodore 64

Inspired by the music selectors that used to appear on C64 magazine cover tapes back in the day and because he had some unused tunes taking up space on his hard drive (unused because of reasons T.M.R will undoubtedly explain away in the "trivia" section below), aNdy has, funnily enough, coded up a music selector. The Cosine logo was pixelled with and data exported from ChillED, a soon to be released C64 cross-dev screen editor, while aNdy was helped over the code finish line by T.M.R with regards that damned MSB thing. Nothing amazing going on here codewise, but as a newcomer to 6502, aNdy is pleasantly surprised how easy it is to recycle sprites with up to 24 sprites being displayed on occasion in the logo 'pulse' and star field.

Trivia: These tunes were originally planned for use in a shoot 'em up game that T.M.R was "planning" as part of a re-write to his existing assembly language tutorials... but, as is often the case with T.M.R, those tutorials ended up being pushed onto the back burner buy other projects and are currently being rather euphemistically referred to as a "work in progress".

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