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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date19th August 1989
Released forVenlo
DownloadT.R.C. Mega-Co Demo
External linksCSDb

T.R.C. Mega-Co Demo
T.R.C. Mega-Co Demo
Commodore 64

Produced as part of the T.R.C. Mega-Co Demo, these two parts were knocked together by T.M.R and Skywave in the space of a couple of weeks with both parts being more about the graphics and sonics than anything technical. The picture in the first part is of Real Ghostbusters character Janine Melnitz and was converted by pausing a trailer for the series from the original Ghostbusters movie on VHS cassette, tracing the image onto the television screen with a whiteboard marker and finally drawing the lines in underneath with KoalaPainter 2.

The original T.R.C. Mega Co Demo has been re-assembled from various half-working copies and is now included as two D64 files along with a third containing the two Cosine parts, please read the note included in the archive about issues the original has.

Trivia: During the linking of the T.R.C. Mega-Co Demo, one of the scrollers was broken slightly (the lower one in the second part wasn't reset properly) and the stand-alone version of the parts repairs that issue.

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