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FormatCommodore C16/Plus/4 Demo
Release date22nd April 2005
DownloadTED Storm
External linksPlus/4 World

TED Storm
TED Storm
Commodore C16/Plus/4

So, just how much can be shovelled into a C16 we wondered? Well, 4-Mat gave it a little thought and how about a music pack with shedloads of colour and a massive seven TED tunes (and even an eighth during the intro sequence) is that enough to be getting on with? Yes, we were very impressed as well when the file arrived at Cosine HQ! Just a few little instructions to get you going; when the intro has finished and the main pack is running fully with the image and effect faded up, you can press keys 1 through to 7 in order to select another tune and see a different set of moves for the bars. If you need to stop the music at any time, you can press the space bar.

Along with the note file, the source code for the music driver and some documentation for it have been included in the archive so that people can,we hope, get a few ideas or perhaps use it to produce their own TED tunes.

Trivia: People have asked about 4-Mat's membership; no, we've given up trying to work it out as well and we're sort of referring to this as his last official Cosine product. T.M.R occasionally tries to talk him into rejoining, without any joy so far...

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