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Alternative TitleSuck on this, Hookie of Exact
FormatCommodore 64 Demo
ProgrammingT.M.R (as T.C.M.)
GraphicsLoverboy Crackings (ripped)
T.M.R (as T.C.M.)
MusicMatt Gray (ripped)
Release date1989
DownloadSuck On This...
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Suck On This...
Suck On This...
Commodore 64

This is just a two-parter, put together to take a quick and not entirely subtle dig at Hookie after he left Cosine to join Exact. His first product for them was Juicy and this is a reasonable clone of that demo, produced in about a day and then linked to a quick custom-written intro for release. The full name of this product is the even less subtle "Suck on this, Hookie of Exact"! Since there are no age disclaimers on the Cosine website, the screenshot has been "masked" a little to protect the innocent, please note that this doesn't apply to the actual demo so viewer discretion is advised.

Trivia: The music in the main demo was composed by Skywave and meant to be used in a Cosine crack intro which T.M.R didn't actually get around to coding.

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