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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release dateApril 1997
Released forCommodore Zone issue 10
DownloadSpice Invaders
External linksCSDb

Spice Invaders
Spice Invaders
Commodore 64

Scary Spice Girl fanatic and regular strong-arm tactics merchant Kenz managed somehow to... persuade the other people involved to produce this particular product. The component parts come from a "threatening" Christmas card sent out by Kenz (which was then scanned, cleaned, coloured and converted by T.M.R), a logo Kenz had drawn previously and an advert for one of their records; the logo from that advert was used as the basis for the sprite font in the second part's flex scroller.

Warning: Cosine accept no liability or responsibility for any adverse effects that may come about after watching this production, including but not limited to nausea, heavy vomiting, diahorrea or complete mental collapse. All viewers are strongly recommended to turn off the television set and/or monitor completely during execution of this demo, and preferably the C64 as well!

Trivia: Mel C. is quite nice, though...

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