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FormatCommodore 128 Demo
MusicRob Hubbard (ripped)
Release date4th May 2012
External linksCSDb

Commodore 128

After the Amstrad CPC version was written, T.M.R had the "bright" idea of converting it to the Commodore 128's 80 column VDC display as well! But because there was some spare processor time left (the DMA is used to handle the scroller so it's remarkably quick even without enabling 2MHz mode at any point), a second version of the demo that runs on the VIC-II display was written to run alongside the VDC version.

Although it works in pretty much the same way this isn't a direct port of the original Amstrad Z80 code, although for a few rather perverse moments that was actually considered as an option.

Trivia: the music is taken from the game Saboteur 2 and used because the CPC original uses it.

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