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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date25th December 2002
Released forXmas Compo (4th - demo)
External linksCSDb

Commodore 64

The picture in this one-parter was originally converted during a particularly silly night on IRC; after seeing screenshots of Eyeth's SuperCPU demo Coca Cola Santa, T.M.R and Groepaz/Hitmen spent a couple of hours converting a similar source image using various techniques to see if they could get a result that was equally poor graphically and failed.

The vertical colour split effect in the upper and lower borders was just a piece of test code built whilst learning how to work with the direct memory access features of a RAM expansion unit. Everything was just joined together for fun, a soundtrack added based on the Protracker modules from the game Santa's X-Mas Caper on the Amiga and then it was left doing nothing until the competition was announced online. One quick scrolltext later and Snata was born.

Trivia: As mentioned already, this one-parter requires a RAM expansion unit (or REU to it's friends) to work properly, without it the picture, scroller and music will appear but the main effect in the upper and lower borders won't. The REU emulation in WinVICE was used to write the code (so can be used to view the demo for those without an REU) and it was tested on real hardware for us by MacGyver.

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