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FormatCommodore 64 Graphics
GraphicsWile Coyote
MusicComer/Taboo (ripped)
Cubehead/Oxsid Planetary (ripped)
Release date14th September 2006
DownloadSiberian Summer
External linksCSDb

Siberian Summer
Siberian Summer
Commodore 64

Yet another amazing piece of high resolution artwork from Wile Coyote. Here are some words about it from the artist himself:

"Siberian Summer represents my second hi-res C64 image in 2006. Using the limitations of hi-res on the C64 is always a challenge as it all too easy to become bored by these limitations. The challenge is usually in making the image appear interesting while hiding the two colour per 8x8 pixel of the hi-res characters that the C64 uses. An extra splash of colour was added by using some hi-res sprites; the person standing on the bridge uses eight hi-res sprites while the animated flag uses five hi-res overlaid sprites. The flag animates through 10 frames taking the total sprite count to 58."

"Inspiration for Siberian Summer came from a number of sources. I'm a huge fan of Capcom's arcade game Strider which features lots of art inspired by Russia. Back in 2005 I traveled to Bulgaria for 6 months. Bulgaria is an ex communist country and the font style they use on their signs is similar to that of the Russians. I find the architecture of these countries interesting (lots of metal and concrete designed to withstand harsh winters and equally harsh summers). Not too long ago I completed Siberia and Siberia 2 on the Playstation 2. Both games feature stunning rendered graphics and an atmosphere that at times feels like the characters who in habit these locations live in a degree of isolation. Not an unhappy isolation, but a happy isolation, a type where they never stray far beyond their village."

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