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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date9th February 1997
Released forNorth Party (8th - C64 demo)
DownloadSet Piece
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Set Piece
Set Piece
Commodore 64

Another one of those produced-for-a-deadline products, Set Piece was assembled in a short space of time and sent off for release at the North Party. The most outstanding effects are probably the ones that nobody seems to notice; the Kefrens bars routine that has graphics down either side was something that we had never seen done before (although T.M.R went on to write better versions) and the "invisible" ball routine just after the intro is subtle to the point where that third ball doesn't even get mentioned when people talk about it!

The name comes from the title of a Doctor Who New Adventure book written by Kate Orman and published by Virgin. Unofficially, this is a follow up to or perhaps more accurately a remix of Sometimes... in that it duplicates some of the effects, mostly updating them in the process.

Trivia: there is a sort of hidden "part" - simply wait until the end of the multiplexed sprite scroller at the end of the demo...

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