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FormatApple II Demo
MusicMartin Galway (converted)
Release date15th December 2015
External linksGitHub

Apple II

This demos is the result of T.M.R's attention being drawn towards some Apple II beeper code over at the Atari Age forums; it started life as a type in listing so BASIC programmers could use it to create one or perhaps with some forward planning two channel music but the next step of disassembling that code and bolting on something to feed it notes seemed like a fun one, even more so when Zapac posted to the thread a tidier, easier to follow version of the tone generation routine which was used here.

The music was composed by Martin Galway and has been taken from the C64 version of Sensible Software's Microprose Soccer - when the game is waiting for a player to take their kick off it will "hum" to itself for a while before starting on this piece. The sound generation routine can only offer a three octave range, but that piece needed just two originally and worked well even after the long-winded conversion process.

Trivia: This code will, hopefully, run on anything from an Apple II+ onwards - a green screen monitor is preferable, but should still be legible with colour artifacts. The picture in this release is of Death from The Sandman series; it was a web found image being used by T.M.R to test his Windows bitmap to Apple II image converter, but sadly he's forgotten where the source image came from.

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