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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date11th July 1999
Released forDeja Vu 2
DownloadSay Ooh!
External linksCSDb

Say Ooh!
Say Ooh!
Commodore 64

Spread alongside INC D021, Say Ooh! was put together as a party scroller for Deja Vu 2. The graphics and sound are based on a Budweiser commercial, the picture is converted from a frame grab from Kenz and the sample was converted from a WAV file recorded by T.M.R (the original track is Ooh La La by The Wiseguys) which both taken from the advert on live television, something that was easier said than done in those days.

Trivia: although it's pretty hard to make out in the hurriedly wired and re-dithered image, those are the Budweiser frogs riding on a crate of Bud which is in turn balanced on an aligator - presumably an everyday occurrence in some backwaters of America...?

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