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FormatCommodore 64 Game
ProgrammingJason (T.M.R)
GraphicsJason (T.M.R)
MusicThomas Detert (ripped)
Release dateMay 1996
Released forCommodore Zone issue 5
DownloadRock Run
External linksCSDb

Rock Run
Rock Run
Commodore 64

When your warp drive kicks out in a desolate and totally uninhabited part of the universe, you find yourself somewhat stuck. After fashioning repairs, at least enough to get you home, and set off to accelerate back up to make the jump to warp, only to find an asteroid belt in your way!

The repairs you've made are ad-hoc, you get one shot at warping and that's it; so you must navigate through the asteroids as the engines wind up to warp speed. Control your ship using a joystick in port 2.

Trivia: this is actually Rock Run V2, with the original using expanded sprites for the rocks. Tony was a serious addict of the original and a special "nightmare" edition exists of the original which starts at the hardest difficulty level.

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