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FormatCommodore 64 Game
ProgrammingJason (T.M.R)
GraphicsJason (T.M.R)
MusicSean (Odie)
Release date1994
Released forCommodore Format issue 47
External linksGamebase64

Commodore 64

Deep in the heart of the hills of Wenley something is amiss. The Wenley Moor nuclear power plant, buried five hundred feet below ground level, is at risk. The control computer has been infected by a virus from an unknown source. This virus has caused the complete shutdown of all computer systems and a total randomisation of the core settings. Fortunately, the computer is now offline, but there's a catch; all thirty cores are now dangerously unstable and, although all shields are in place for now, they will soon be unable to contain the entropy. It's up to you to straighten this mess out.

You have at your disposal a core monitor unit to remotely edit the rod statuses of each core in turn, but here's the problem; when you toggle a rod a chain reaction occurs in the surrounding eight causing them to flip states too. And worse still, the shielding has to be disabled to allow the monitor unit access to a core, effectively giving each a time limit until meltdown. Succeed and you save the entire planet from a gigantic nuclear explosion. Fail and that's it...

Control the monitor unit with a joystick in port 2, directions move the unit around over the fifty six rods of each core and fire toggles states.

Review: "Go on, give it a try... but don't send the receipts for the hair replacement therapy."
Commodore Format

Trivia: To get infinite time, simply type "silicon graphics" on the titles page. Wenley Moor is a Doctor Who reference, from the story "The Silurians".

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