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FormatCommodore C16/Plus/4 Demo
Ash (ported)
Release date1st February 2005
External linksPlus/4 World

Commodore C16/Plus/4

After the first Cosine demo for the 264 series, Ikaruga, proved very popular we had to go back and see what else we could do. Radiant contains a couple of firsts for the Plus/4, the most notable being the logo at the top of the screen; it's in DFLI format and, as far as we're aware, the first ever hand-drawn graphic in that format. To see the other first, keep reading the scroller until the end of the credits.

Trivia: The logo was originally built in Deluxe Paint IV AGA on T.M.R's (t)rusty Amiga 1200 '030, then converted to two colours on an attribute cell by attribute cell basis (using eight by two pixel cells) before finally being re-coloured through data tables in the demo's source code; this process took about three days spread out over a two week period. The name sort of comes from the Treasure shoot-em-up Radiant Silvergun, which is the forerunner to Ikaruga.

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