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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date13th December 2019
Released forIntro Creation Competition 2019
DownloadOne Sprite Wander
External linksGitHub

One Sprite Wander
One Sprite Wander
Commodore 64

One of the Intro Creation Competition entries from 2018 was One-Sprite-Wonder by Holy Moses of ROLE which essentially ran the visuals for an entire intro from just one hardware sprite; T.M.R saw this entry and wanted to try something similar, which is where this 4K entry comes in for 2019.

This intro displays a logo and scrolling message on just one vertically stretching sprite, which passes through the side borders, contracting and expanding horizontally near the centre of the screen courtesy of some horizontal expansion register splits.

Trivia: the music is a cover of the loading music from the Amiga version of the game X-Out by Chris Huelsbeck, but based on a Protracker version of the tune by Hoffman.

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