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FormatWindows PC Demo
Release date31st October 2018
DownloadOld School Demo 3

Old School Demo 3
Old School Demo 3
Windows PC

This is another release in aNdy's Old School" demo series, refining older routines and adding new ones. It was inspired by the hidden part of a C64 Halloween demo released by Arkanix Labs in 2013, which featured a silhouette image pixelled by aNdy. It was produced in response to a "challenge" issued by the owners and moderators of the Dark Bit Factory & Gravity website and forum for Halloween 2018.

Trivia: As with the previous releases in aNdy's Old School Demo series, the PureBasic source code has been included in the archive, along with all the images and music in their original formats, for other PureBasic programmers to peruse and learn from.

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