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FormatWindows PC Demo
GraphicsaNdy and T.M.R
MusicJason Page
Release date6th April 2018
DownloadOld School Demo 1

Old School Demo 1
Old School Demo 1
Windows PC

Nothing quite says "old school" like a 2D parallax starfield, rolling colour effects or a DYCP scrolling message, and Old School Demo 1 - or OSD 1 to it's friends - has all of that classic design goodness for a Windows-based PC, put together in PureBasic by aNdy.

aNdy says: "This is my first 'demo' and was completed as a learning exercise in the screen, sprite and sound functions of PureBasic. A game is also in progress, using some of the things learned by doing this. It has been tested on various machines and should run fine unless you only have a real old machine with slow onboard graphics. You will need DirectX installed for it to run."

Trivia: The PureBasic source code has been included in the archive for other PureBasic programmers to delve into. This music is by Jason Page, a cover of his own title theme from the Amiga game Uridium 2.

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