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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date7th October 2006
Released forSundown (4th - oldschool demo)
DownloadMish Mash
External linksCSDb

Mish Mash
Mish Mash
Commodore 64

The name is particularly descriptive for this release; Mish Mash was a little something (well, that's one way to describe it!) that was put together from some test code that T.M.R had written over the previous couple of months, a couple of spare ideas, some hastily finished pictures and a tune that Sack had ready... quality control is, it would seem, something that happens to other people! Still, it was quite pretty and didn't crash or anything during the competition, so not bad going for around a day and a half of coding.

Trivia: Apart from the music, the first part and some of the work on converting the pictures, everything else was done from scratch in under forty eight hours - followed by T.M.R needing almost as many days to recover afterwards! Apparently, nobody at Sundown noticed that the scrollers signify the end of the demo and it was left running on the projector for ages...!

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