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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date30th June 2017
External linksGitHub

Commodore 64

Before we start with the usual wobbling on about inspirations, this demo requires either a SuperCPU or a Turbo Chameleon set to 6MHz or faster to run. T.M.R has owned the latter for a few years but, apart from some badly recorded YouTube videos, has barely touched the processor acceleration so, whilst messing around with the plotter code used in MD201704 recently, decided to see what was achievable with said code and a faster C64 because... well, just because really.

The resulting demo eats through a significant chunk of the C64's memory - it's not using commands specific to the SuperCPU's 65816 or any of the extra RAM aboard either device - and will clear, update and draw four hundred plots per frame. Five counters are running for the various Cosine curves - three sets of values for X and two for Y - which can be tweaked by using a joystick in port 2. Have fun!

Trivia: The colour effect on the scrolling message was inspired by the static text on the first part of Speedcracker Crew's Combustible Intro. The music is a cover of the completion tune from Brian The Lion on the Amiga.

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