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FormatAtari Home Computer Demo
Release date1st January 2017
External linksGitHub

Atari Home Computer

This is the start of "season two" for T.M.R's monthly demo series and another raster bar laden spectacle. MD201701 was assembled from a couple of prototype routines for release with the now traditional New Years Disc. Music this year comes from Sack and is a cover of an old nine channel AdLib tracker tune that was doing the rounds in a couple of editors; it's also a couple of patterns short because he was somewhere in Alicante with limited internet access when T.M.R asked for music!

Trivia: The raster bar routine writes a hue value to the background colour but uses sixteen scanlines of bitmap data to generate the luminance, allowing it to pick any colour in the Atari 8-bit's palette; there's also six buffers being used for the colour data and some palette rotation going on to create an illusion of movement.

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