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MD201606   -   JSL   POOP

FormatCommodore 64 Demo
GraphicsJSL (wired)
Release date15th June 2016
DownloadMD201606 - JSL Poop
External linksGitHub

MD201606 - JSL Poop
MD201606 - JSL Poop
Commodore 64

Time for a little "scene drama" courtesy of a picture called CSDb Shit that was originally drawn by JSL and published via Facebook before subsequently being uploaded to the C64 Scene Database. MD201606 - JSL Poop contains a converted version of said picture which was tidied a little by T.M.R and made to scroll past whilst accompanied by a tune from aNdy.

Trivia: the scrolling bitmap was actually written to run at twice the speed being used here but was slowed down for presentation reasons; tweaking one of the constants in the source code available from Github can speed things up.

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