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MD201512   -   HUMBUG

FormatCommodore 64 Demo
prof4d (ripped)
Release date25th December 2015
DownloadMD201512 - Humbug
External linksGitHub

MD201512 - Humbug
MD201512 - Humbug
Commodore 64

Ah the "festive season", that truly joyous time of year where a frenzy of rampant consumerism is accompanied by an almost incessant soundtrack of holiday-themed compilation albums; the plastic trees, mince pies and grinning elves that stores have been showcasing since even before Halloween finally start selling en masse, fake snow begins to appear everywhere and there's an almost constant smell of gingerbread which people secretly hope will mask the stench of desperation. Bah humbug the lot of you, and have a sort-of-festive demo which has a snowman in it because T.M.R at least likes those!

The picture is converted from the Spectrum and originally created by prof4d, whilst the font was taken from the Sega Master System game Air Rescue.

Trivia: the original release date was to be the 24th of December but, although the code was ready, T.M.R didn't get around to finishing the scrolltext and instead ended up watching Die Hard whilst stubbornly insisting it was a Christmas movie on the off chance that doing so might annoy someone.

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