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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date31st November 2015
External linksGitHub

Commodore 64

So T.M.R is getting old and his memory has never been particularly good so, somehow, he completely forgot about MD201511 until the 29th of November and had to throw something together! The main effect was actually written as a practical example of what happens when the vertical scroll register is split multiple times during a scanline because Odie was wondering about what took priority. The other twenty four character lines are taken up by what is merely a Zybex-style starfield (as opposed to the ones T.M.R usually does which are based on the same principles as Delta, and a couple of three by three sprite Cosine logos which actually only use eight sprites and some waffling scrolltext.

Trivia: although this was pretty much just thrown together on the eleventh hour, there is still something a little... unusual about it that almost certainly isn't obvious; try counting the number of columns on the central line of the screen. The music is called "No More" and was chosen by T.M.R for relatively obscure, Doctor Who-based reasons.

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