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MD201510   -   SPOOPINESS

FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date31st October 2015
Released forCSDb UOCC2015 (1st)
DownloadMD201510 - Spoopiness
External linksGitHub

MD201510 - Spoopiness
MD201510 - Spoopiness
Commodore 64

Whooo-oo! It's All Hallows Eve once more, the time of year when evil goblins travel from house to house in a neighbourhood to terrorise the occupants with vile acts until they hand over large quantities of diabetes-inducing sugary foodstuffs... or something like that anyway, there may be some religious festival involved too. MD201510 is a Halloween-themed release with most of the regular tropes such as a witch on her broomstick, flying bats flapping about the place, the odd "Jack O' Lantern" in the bloody scroller and some neat pseudo opcode based ghostbyte effects in the upper and lower borders. Do you see what we did there by the way, doing ghostbyte effects in a Halloween demo? Oh never mind...

Trivia: MD201510 is an entry into the Unintended Opcode Coding Challenge at the CSDb which means there's only the one part to it and the border effect relies on pseudo opcodes. The ACME-flavoured source code contains notes on what is happening and can be downloaded with the demo itself or from the GitHub repository. The music comes from the game Elvira - Mistres Of The Dark.

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