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MANGA!   V2.0

FormatCommodore 64 Graphics
GraphicsWile Coyote
Release date25th June 2003
Released forC64.SK Pixel Competition (2nd - graphics)
DownloadManga! V2.0
External linksCSDb

Manga! V2.0
Manga! V2.0
Commodore 64

A Super Hires Interlace FLI picture created by Wile Coyote for the C64.SK Pixel Competition 2003.

"Based on an image that appeared on the cover of Super Nintendo Magazine, Super Play. The Manga characters are Hikaru (showgirl), Takosuke (octopus), Ivan / Toby (penguin), Shark (bullet). Manga! V2.0 represents my second image created using the SHIF [Super Hires Interlace FLI] editor. Much time was spent anti-aliasing to the max, keeping flicker to a minimum, and keeping the colours as primary as possible, avoiding the mushy route.".

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