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FormatCommodore Amiga Demo
Release date1992
DownloadLiquidize It

Liquidize It
Liquidize It
Commodore Amiga

This is a dentro from the (second) short-lived Cosine Amiga section, mostly built from former members of Rippers Dancetek Inc. who lived near to existing Cosine members at the time. Sadly, they went their separate ways shortly afterwards so this is the only surviving record (unless the earlier trackmo Visions should crop up again and that's at least a possibility). Nobody involved with Liquidize It is currently in contact to add any further information to this page, but if they're reading, please get in touch because we'd like to extend the entry!

Note: This dentro is only compatible with OCS/ECS Amigas. The archive contains an ADF disk image along with the files themselves for hard disk installation.

Trivia: This was thought to be lost when T.M.R's only copy didn't want to read; three Amiga floppy drives and several alcohol-soaked cotton buds later and it was safely recovered for posterity. The release year is currently a guess, based on the date Reaxion on the Amiga was released.

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