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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date5th January 2019
Released forIntro Creation Competition 2018 (18th)
DownloadLevel One
External linksGitHub

Level One
Level One
Commodore 64

T.M.R's final entry into the 2018 Intro Creation Competition is Level One, a game-flavoured release with full screen scrolling and twenty six characters of text in the two black bands above and below it. The graphics in the centre of the screen were drawn to use Extended Background Colour Mode which reduces the font to 64 characters but gives four possible background colours for each character; this means there's five colours in play but the code doesn't have to scroll the colour RAM.

Trivia: despite being the last ICC 2018 entry produced by T.M.R this was actually the first one started a few days after the competition was announced. The intro was built around prototype versions of the border area code.

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