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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date21st December 2016
External linksGitHub

Commodore 64

What happens when a programmer gets the masochistic idea of trying to cram a multicolour bitmap picture, music and a scroller into just 15K of memory? The answer is Koalatro, an entry into the 2016 iteration of the CSDb Intro Creation Competition from T.M.R with music by aNdy. The picture contains all of the data usually present in a Koalapainter format picture including the final byte to set $D021 (which is handled despite not needing to be), but the 1,000 nybble block usually sent to the colour RAM has been packed into 500 bytes to save precious bytes of memory.

The colour effect applied to both of the scrolling messages was originally based on the one in Contribution by Super Swap Sweden, this picture was wired from the Amiga several years ago and aNdy's music was created for a CSDb loading music competition a few years ago, but unfinished until T.M.R needed something compact for this intro. The original prototype version of this code loaded into memory at $C000 onwards, but that used 16K and this final release is a mere 15K without losing anything apart from the greetings list!

Trivia: Koalatro was partially inspired by a discussion on Facebook which set T.M.R thinking about how much could be done around the picture's memory footprint.

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