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FormatCommodore 64 Game
ProgrammingShaun Southern (ported)
Jason (T.M.R)
GraphicsShaun Southern (ported)
Jason (T.M.R)
MusicJason (T.M.R)
Sean (Odie)
Release date25th August 2007
Released forRetro North
DownloadKikstart C16
External linksCSDb

Kikstart C16
Kikstart C16
Commodore 64

"Experience all the excitement of dirt bike riding in this real life simulation. Push your bike to it's limits as you jump over logs and other obstacles. It's a race against the clock as your time is limited for each course. Test your skills as a biker on 16 different courses in this action simulation. Joystick in port 2. Fire button to jump."

This game was re-sourced from the Commodore 16 original by Shaun Southern, converted to the Commodore 64 and then optimised before being bugfixed (re-timed for the slower machine, scroll routine optimised, data corruption on the final level repaired, occasional glitches in the scrolling at top speed fixed). But why did we convert this game when the C64 already has the original Kikstart you might ask? Because Kikstart for the C16 is a very different game, a single player race against the clock rather than the split screen competition of the C64 and great fun to play - fun that C64 gamers have missed out on for all of these years! But now here it is, running in an almost identical form on the C64 apart from some cosmetic modifications and a shiny new hardware sprite for the bike - enjoy!

Review: "Fans of the original motocross classic will love it, and for those new to the game (like me) playing Kikstart proves to be an enjoyable (yet equally frustrating) experience."
James Monkman, RGCD

Trivia: This conversion is so close that even the original cheat mode activation still works correctly! Along with an all-new Cosine "crack" intro (well, technically this is a crack... in a fairly vague sort of way), the game is included with full documentation taken from the C16 cassette inlay.

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