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FormatAtari Home Computer Demo
Release date1st January 2015
DownloadInc Year
External linksDemozoo

Inc Year
Inc Year
Atari Home Computer

Inc Year was built from an early prototype of the routines that were eventually evolved into the heavier splitters found in the hidden part of Brainpower and 15 Hues (and there are a couple of other parts with variations that haven't seen the light of day at the time of writing). It was reworked during 2014 as a delivery mechanism for some scroll text that never actually turned up (from someone who, at the time, felt they had something important to tell the demo scene) but T.M.R felt it would have been a shame to just let all of that work sit idle and modified it further as a New Years Disk 2015 release - those changes included a newly-created soundtrack by Bex.

Trivia: The final tweaking and testing of Inc Year happened on a particularly cold New Year's Eve whilst watching several back to back episodes of New Tricks (and yes, we might be a little desperate for trivia on this one!)

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