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INC   D021

FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date11th July 1999
Released forDeja Vu 2 (1st - oldschool demo)
DownloadINC D021
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INC D021
INC D021
Commodore 64

As with it's older brother INC D020, this was rattled out in a very short space of time, taking about a week and a half in total from concept to completion. The INC demos seem to have become a series of productions that are hammered out at the last minute before a party and, in this particular case, it was finished at the party!

Included as a "bonus" file is Say Ooh!, a little one-parter featuring a wired image and loop sample from a Budweiser commercial and a scrolltext that was half written at Deja Vu 2 itself.

Review: Cosine released INC D021 at the Deja Vu II party ... maybe T.M.R and Odie and the rest of Cosine Systems will give is DEC D021? I certainly hope so, but please, no more wired pics or naked women...
Mermaid/Creators/Crest, Domination issue 13

Trivia: some of the linking was done in a canteen; nobody had arrived at the Carlisle Business Centre (where the party was held) so the "portable development rig" of a C64 with a 5" television, 1541-II and a 486SX laptop used for crunching was fired up and put to use.

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