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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date6th November 2019
Released forIntro Creation Competition 2019
DownloadHere Goes
External linksGitHub

Here Goes
Here Goes
Commodore 64

Cosine are back for another year of Intro Creation Competition shenanigans in 2019, starting with the almost "traditional" raster bar effort. What is notable is that, although we've released a couple of smaller intros during the ICC previously, this is the first year that the competition has a specific category for intros which run from within a 4K memory footprint.

Due to that new playground, T.M.R's code and the music by Sack all need to coexist in just $1000 bytes starting from the default screen memory at $0400 which doesn't leave a lot of free memory for user defined characters, assorted colour tables or indeed the scrolling message.

Trivia: this release was started around the time that discussion began in the CSDb forums about the possibility of a second category in the ICC. The music is a cover of Freeman's tune Freeman, originally from a Vision Factory intro for the Amiga.

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