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FormatCommodore 64 Graphics
Release date22nd October 2006
DownloadGrandma Has Gone Fishing
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Grandma Has Gone Fishing
Grandma Has Gone Fishing
Commodore 64

It's wonderful picture time yet again here at the Cosine laboratories! In a slightly ironic twist, this FLI picture has been quite a while in the making and was started before Bizzmo drew Wool On Her Mind for the X'2006 graphics competition. Now, as is becoming the norm with these picture releases, here's Bizzmo with the "director's commentary track" to talk a little more about his work:

"This picture was started just after I'd finished Melissa and has taken over a year to complete (and I'm still not completely happy with it!). Oh, and you can thank Mirage for the name!"

Review: "Good picture, lovely details! You can see her thinking 'Will he come home again?..'"

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