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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Graphicsvarious (ripped)
MusicEprom (ripped)
Ronny ROM (ripped)
T.M.C (ripped)
Release date1988
External linksCSDb

Commodore 64

Gallery is, as the name suggests, a picture slide show but with a few little differences; for a start, features two disk sides of excellent pictures by artists including Paul "Dokk" Docherty, Bob Stephenson, SIT and Lizard. But, more unusually, there is a choice of two RockMonitor tunes that can be played during the loading of the pictures.

This is probably Hookie's finest production, it really shows off what he could do with the C64; having Rockmonitor tunes during loading was, at least as far as we're aware, a first and the selection of pictures is eclectic but still great.

Trivia: T.M.R's first mention as a member of Cosine appears in the loading scroller under his then handle Shamus.

Thanks: Our very best have to go to Acidchild for locating this copy, we were almost beginning to give up hope of ever finding Gallery again...

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