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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date5th October 2006
Released forX'2006 (6th - demo)
DownloadFor Teh Win
External linksCSDb

For Teh Win
For Teh Win
Commodore 64

Once more it's time for a bunch of C64 people to gather, release demos and possibly inhale all manner of interesting chemicals in the process. And with that and the overtly bovine atmosphere that is always generated by X being held near a field full of cows has lead to this production; lots of pace, events chained to the loud and very proud soundtrack, quite a few strobes throughout and... twisty moo cows! And yes, the cows are meant to look the way they do in the screenshot, watch it running and you'll see why.

The entire demo was designed and built around the rendered cow animation and the excellent soundtrack that Intensity composed; there were a few time constraints (aren't there always these days) that meant that a couple of planned effects had to be left out at the last minute, but overall the flow of the demo is there and it holds together well.

Note: The music will play perfectly well on a 6581 or under emulation but for the best effect please use an 8580 SID chip wherever possible.

Trivia: The title comes from a meme repeated around the internet, simply sticking "for teh win" or even just "FTW" after something to indicate it's the bestest - the chances are that T.M.R was being sarcastic about his code again...

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