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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date27th December 2019
Released forIntro Creation Competition 2019
DownloadFemtotro 2
External linksGitHub

Femtotro 2
Femtotro 2
Commodore 64

Continuing where the original Femtotro left off in 2018, this sequel is actually a 1K intro - it uses memory $0400 to $07ff for all of its code and graphics data - with a piece of music attached that still doesn't need the rest of the available space, instead leaving over 1K of memory free.

But for those occasions where being just shy of 3K still proves to be too long, a label in the source code called "compact" can be set to any other value than zero to make Femtotro 2 assemble without the music, leaving it with a 1K footprint and the traditional intro "hum".

Trivia: the music in this intro was composed by 4-Mat in 1999, when he was a member of Cosine.

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