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FormatCommodore VIC 20 Demo
Release date4th August 2002
Released forAssembly
External linksPouet

Commodore VIC 20

This neat sounding one-parter, the very first Cosine release on the unexpanded VIC 20, was a surprise arrival from 4-Mat just before Assembly 2002, so we sent it along to compete in the oldschool competition. Sadly, it didn't actually get shown on the big screen at the party so, whilst the panel of experts on Assembly TV complained about a lack of new ideas in the demos, a release which did something new was overlooked...

Trivia: The soundtrack features the usual VIC sound (the VIC chip also handles sound for the VIC 20, offering four channels in total of which one is white noise) along with sampled drums; this was the first time samples and VIC sound were used together.

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