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FormatCommodore C16/Plus/4 Demo
Release date31st July 2016
Released forArok 2016 (2nd)
DownloadCrackers' Demo 5
External linksGitHub
Plus/4 World

Crackers' Demo 5
Crackers' Demo 5
Commodore C16/Plus/4

The Crackers' Demo series are multi-part demos put together with contributions from all over the Plus/4 scene and this latest instalment, Crackers' Demo 5, is no exception with no less than twenty parts spread over three sides of disk and a varied range of design styles. Cosine contributed one part which is on the third side with code and graphics by T.M.R and music from aNdy.

This is also aNdy's first attempt at creating music with the TED chip and, despite a few reservations about the useable but currently incomplete KnaekerTraeker cross composition tool, he apparently enjoyed the experience... so there may well be more Plus/4 releases to come if T.M.R actually gets his finger out and finds someone to test his code before release!

Trivia: Crackers' Demo 5 came second place in the Arok demo competition with, ironically, a score of 64 points! This is the first Cosine release since 4-Mat's music collection Ted Storm which was released over a decade ago!

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