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FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release date23rd April 1995
Released forX-95 (3rd - demo)
External linksCSDb

Commodore 64

Contraflow was produced for the first X party by the Cosine team, with T.M.R on code, graphics and a bit of music, Odie on music and a guest appearance by T.L.F. (several years before he joined Cosine) for a couple of soundtracks. This demo was finished approximately two hours before it was to be posted to Chancer to take along to the party, and it shows in the linking; the quick start menu had to be added when the long loading times and the even longer scrolltexts were discovered to have slowed the half-breed demo/trackmo down too much.

Review: "Contraflow is a superb demo, which I admire both for its technical finess and the original ideas. The music, which is a mixture of original tunes and remixes, is also excellent."
Andy Roberts, Commodore Format issue 58

Comment: "I do remember [watching Contraflow at] X95 and wondered who the fuck those guys are"

Trivia: A contraflow is when a motorway has one lane shut, so traffic is diverted onto the fast lane on the other side and everything is separated by traffic cones. We're not entirely sure why T.M.R decided to name this demo after one though...

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