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FormatAtari Home Computer Game
ProgrammingJason (T.M.R)
GraphicsJason (T.M.R)
MusicSean (Odie)
Release date28th October 2012
Released forABBUC Software Competition (2nd)
External linksFandal

Atari Home Computer

By the twenty third century, humanity had finally managed to stop fighting and get it's collective act together for just long enough to begin a first great push into space, setting up small but thriving colonies first on our own moon and soon afterwards on other worlds and moons within our own galaxy.

But all of mankind's recent interplanetary activity has drawn unwanted attention from beyond the stars and a collection of alien races has turned up to steal all of our fun toys and kill any human who doesn't like that idea. Since our most remote colonies to date are on the moons of Jupiter, that's where first contact took place and four moons in particular have become the stronghold from which the invading forces are working.

So as a young, brave and probably foolhardy independently contracted pilot of the United Earth Forces, you must clamber into your DeathKiller Mk. 7 spaceship, fling yourself off across space towards Jupiter and show those occupying alien forces just what happens when someone messes with Earthlings!

From the game's titles page, pressing fire on a joystick connected to port 1 or the Start button will begin the mission. The player controls their spacecraft using a joystick connected to port 1 of the Atari Home Computer; the various directional controls will cause the on-screen craft to move accordingly and pressing the fire button will unleash unrelenting electric death towards the incoming enemy forces.

Trivia: Callisto is powered by Sodding Rainbow technology - a trademark of Cosine. Honest.

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