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FormatCommodore PET Demo
Release date15th April 2012
External linksPouet

Commodore PET

This demo for 80 column Commodore PETs was released to mark the passing of Jack Tramiel (Polish: Jacek Trzmiel, the surname meaning "bumblebee") last weekend. The text to the left of the PETSCII picture reads as follows:

13th December 1928 to 8th April 2012
Rest In Peace

Jack Tramiel was the driving force behind Commodore when the company created the PET, VIC 20, C64 and 264 series of 8-bits. When he moved on to Atari, he was instrumental in getting the ST to market as well as keeping the 8-bits alive with the XE series.

Without those machines, both the games industry and demo scene would be very different - for many of us these were the computers that introduced us to programming and made us the computer scientists, designers, technicians, coders and enthusiasts we are today.

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