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FormatCommodore 64 Graphics
Release date22nd October 2017
Released forPlain PETSCII Graphics Competition
DownloadBubble Dragon
External linksCSDb

Bubble Dragon
Bubble Dragon
Commodore 64

Bubble Dragon is a piece of PETSCII art (created using just the ROM character set of the C64) from Chancer which combines the cute dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble with the gritty violence of Double Dragon, both games originally created by coin-op legends Taito. As Chancer noted over at the CSDb, "it was a mash up of a really great game and a really bad one. So many comments on both as home versions, yet for very different reasons."

Trivia: The Plain PETSCII Graphics Competition 2017 had sixty entries this year, with a further fourteen in the wild category.

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