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FormatCommodore PET Game
ProgrammingJason (T.M.R)
GraphicsDoug (Bizzmo)
Jason (T.M.R)
MusicJason (T.M.R)
Release date8th March 2008
DownloadBlok Copy

Blok Copy
Blok Copy
Commodore PET

The mission objective for Blok Copy is simple; the playfield contains seven distinct designs of tile arranged into columns of five and, at the start of each level, those tiles are shuffled around; the operator must then reorganise those tiles to resemble their starting order to unlock the stage and progress to the next until all ten levels have been re-synchronised. The controls are W for up, X for down, A for left and D for right, using these controls alone move the cursors at the edge of the playfield to select a row and column and holding down the right hand shift key at the same time will instead cause the selected row or column to move.

Blok Copy is the first release for Cosine on the Commodore PET. In order to run it, you'll need a machine with a 40 column display and a minimum of 8K RAM, any PET that meets these specifications should be able to run it and those fitted with a parallel port sound hack will also get titles music, in-game effects and jingles (the sound is enabled by default in VICE but is very loud, turn down the volume before running the game!)

Trivia: The original and, at the time of writing, incomplete version of this game was written in order to learn the Atari 2600 hardware where it utilised vertical splits to achieve seven independently coloured playfield objects; despite all of that colour, the PET version is, of course, rendered entirely as green (or orange depending on the monitor) on black. The music is a cover of "End Theme" by SLL which is played back with a one channel sound hack connected to the PET's parallel port.

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