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FormatCommodore VIC 20 Game
ProgrammingMatt (4-Mat)
GraphicsMatt (4-Mat)
MusicMatt (4-Mat)
Release date23rd December 2004
DownloadAstro Nell
External linksPouet

Astro Nell
Astro Nell
Commodore VIC 20

Astronaut Nell has crash landed her ship on an asteroid many miles from Earth. Your objective is to traverse the landscape, avoid the various creatures and collect all the star-shaped minerals to repair the craft. You have 9999 units of oxygen left to complete the quest, but watch out because colliding with spikes or creatures will require Nell to rest, taking a thousand units off that total each time. The on-board radar reports there are eighty eight items to collect, but we wouldn't trust it; we're sure there was one more item out there...

If you'd like a version of this game on tape or disk, it's available now from Cronosoft for £1.99 (excluding postage and packing).

Trivia: the ZIP file contains the PAL and NTSC versions in both PRG and TAP form, for that authentic retro gaming experience! Please disable all RAM expansions before running Astro Nell.

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