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4K   PARTY   3

FormatCommodore 64 Demo
Release dateApril 1999
Released forDriven 4K Compo (1st)
Download4K Party 3
External linksCSDb

4K Party 3
4K Party 3
Commodore 64

This is the third of the 4K Party series; in order to add a little variety to the 4KP demos, this one constains a Kefrens bars variant that cycles through presets in sync with the music. This demo was released alongside 4K music entry Twilight Dreams and both of these products managed to place first in their respective categories.

Trivia: Unlike most other Kefrens bar routines, 4K Party 3 doesn't (ab)use the vertical smooth scroll register at all, instead writing into a font "on the fly" as the screen is drawn; that reduces the number of bars that can be shown but the effect can be "tiled" and graphics can be placed alongside or over it, as demonstrated by Set Piece, Presets and Ikaruga.

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